Furnace ModEco 4-60 CS

In most cases, coco shell is still charred by not always hi tech method. This has an effect, in its turn, on quality of finished products made of coco nut shell coal. Synergy Dream has designed the ModEсo 4-60 CS kiln specifically for coco shell charring. After successful testing of this charcoal kiln at out test site (more than 10 tons of coco shell was charred), we started its production.

As it usually is in our case and in our technology, the main parts of the kiln are a hearth and two pyrolysis sections accommodating two stationary retorts each.
The hearth is a metal enclosure, which walls and bottom are lined with high temperature insulant.

    The following materials are used for lining:

  • ceramic fibre with an operating temperature of up to 1,250 °C,
  • ceramic plates with an operating temperature of up to 1,250 °C,
  • firebrick ShA 5.

Pyrolysis sections also represent metal enclosures, with retorts installed inside (retort is a vessel where thermal decomposition of the feedstock occurs).

Retorts are made of steel 09 G2S, 12 mm thick. Pyrolysis section walls, where the operating temperature reaches 600 °C are lined with ceramic fibre with an operating temperature of up to 1,050 °C. Considering the distinctive features of gas tightness in this feedstock layer as against large-sized wood, as well as distinctive features of bulk density, retorts have been upgraded to ensure efficient operation with coco shell. Considering the specific method for coco shell charge, the charcoal kiln is completed with retort extension pieces. The ModEсo 4-60 CS charcoal kiln is operated only with the ACS (automated control system). The ACS monitors operating modes and maintains temperatures within set ranges. Due to the ACS, the ModEсo 4-60 CS charcoal kiln guarantees stable quality of manufactured products (coal from coco shell).

Item No.ParametersUnit ofmeas.Value
1Area occupied by ModEсo 4-60 PS kilnm2126,13
2Overall dimensions of the main section of ModEсo 4-60 PS kiln, no less than:
– length / length, incl. transporter
– width
– height (depends on the climate in the kiln operation area)
3Weight of delivery set, no more thant44
4Weight of each transport section, no more thant9,3
5Power supply voltage, current frequencyV; Hz220; 50
6Power consumed by ModEсo 4-60 PS kilnkW/h0,5
7Feedstock (firewood) flow rate, L=300–350 mmm3/day36-44
8Расход дров для поддержки процессов*m3day0,2-1
9Charcoal capacity at firewood moisture content of up to 25 %** kg/day1800-2200
10Maintenance personnel***persons/shift2-3
11Time for preparation to starthour2
12Time for preparation for truck transportationhour48
13Duty cycleContinuous
14Cycle duration of one retort**hour7-9
15Time of coal cooling in quenchershour24-48
16Operating range of temperatures
pyrolysis chambersоС510-580
17Max allowable temperature
pyrolysis chambersоС600

* – the parameter value depends on the season, and feedstock moisture content.
** – the parameter value depends on the moisture content, rock and feedstock size.
*** – the parameter value depends on the quantity of units at the same site:
1 units — 2 persons per shift
2 units — 2 persons per shift
3 units — 3 persons per shift


1. Hearth
2. Pyrolysis and drying section (PDS)
3. Flue gas duct (4 pcs.)
4. Discharge section (4 pcs.)
5. Hearth doors (2 pcs.)
6. Hearth ash bin (2 pcs.)
7. Retort cover (4 pcs.) with emergency valve (4 pcs.)
8. Loading transporter (conveyor for firewood delivery to retorts)
9. Rotary diverter for firewood delivery to retorts
10. Stair with railings
11. Quencher (30 pcs.)
12. Guards
13. Automated control system (ACS) section
14. Stabilizer (60 pcs.)