Organization of charcoal production is rather a complex task requiring an integrated approach. From among a multiple of steps to success in the field of charring, correct section of the production method and charring equipment are critical. Synergy-Dream proposes both options.
We managed to find a maximum efficient, environmentally friendly and economically beneficial method for charcoal production and to design and build the entire line of charring equipment using this method.

    In addition to charring kilns, Synergy-Dream, LLC also proposes the following accompanying equipment:

  1. Charcoal packing line with various configurations
    Today we recommend out commercial mode of packing line CM 4-1000. This packing line has a high capacity in the semi-automatic mode, at a level of 1,000 kg of charcoal per hour. The available sieve allows fractioning the coal by four sizes and packing the coal, which size is preferred by the charcoal consumer. The feature of the packing line is the available aspiration system, which removes a dust cloud that is inevitably generated when working the charcoal;
  2. Quenchers and stabilizers
    This equipment plays rather an auxiliary role in the charcoal manufacture. However, these containers are required when hot unoading of the charcoal is performed. They are used for coal storage during dischareg from a retort, before packing in kraft bags, and ensure the fire safety at the enterprise and allow maintaining the coal quality. When you buy a charring kiln, you receive quenchers and stabilizers in one set; however, we manufacture and sell them separately, upon the client’s request, if needed;
  3. Conveyors
    Out company is engaged in the design and manufacture of conveyors of various types, lengths, and configurations. This equipment is one of most often used form among transport vehicles due to its high capacity and rather small operating costs.
    Belt conveyors are also an integral part of the chain of accompnaying equipment to our charring kilns; they serve for fast loading of the feedstock into retorts and finished product transportation.
    We are also ready to propose the following:

  • General-purpose fixed belt conveyors, with a belt width of 300 to 800 mm;
  • Horizontal, inclined scraper conveyors, with a belt width of 300 to 800 mm;
  • Bunkers, feeders and guide boxes for conveyors;
  • Rollers, idlers and other spare parts for conveyors.

The distinctive characteristic of our company lies no only in the unique and wide line of proposed equipment, but also in the individual approach to each client. We always consider wishes of ou clients and guarantee the quality and long term operation of our products.

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